Ignite Cycle
Connect. Move. Transform.



What we do is about so much more than riding bikes in a dark room to loud music. Every decision we’ve made about crafting your experience within our studio has been intentionally and thoughtfully considered, and always relates back to our mission. Within our mission, you can pull out three words that define what we’re all about - connect, move, transform. Here, we’re sharing with you what those words mean to us and how we work to make them meaningful for you.


At Ignite, we connect you in 3 ways - to your bike, to others, to your highest self.


There are so many benefits to “clipping in” to your bike. You can go faster, safely. You’re able to engage your whole leg with every pedal stroke - giving you more power in your ride, and working both sides of your leg as you push and pull the flywheel around. Since you can use more muscles for the work, you get fatigue more slowly…that means a better, more intense workout all around.

Every ride, every time at Ignite, you’ll be connected to your bike. Whether you have your own cycling shoes, or if you want to borrow ours, you’ll be one with your bike. If you do opt to use our shoes, they’re on us. No cost to you, ever.


Part of the intentionality behind the design of our space and creation of our Method was focused on connecting you to your fellow riders. In our space, we connect figuratively and literally. It is true that your energy directly affects that of those around you, and vice versa. We encourage you to hold yourself responsible for the energy you bring into our space - then to share that with those around you, whether in The Bike Room or in our Community Room. There’s plenty of space for you to get a great sweat then hang with your fellow party animals post-class. If you’re the more literal type, connect with that post-ride high five.


Our highest self is our most real, authentic self. Pride makes us artificial, humility makes us real. What you’ll experience in our Ride will humble you in the very best way. You’ll challenge your perceptions of your own limitations. You will fail. You will get back up. You will leave feeling exhilarated. You likely will leave with a different understanding of what you’re capable of. Every bit of it is a part of the journey of tapping into your highest self, and we’re right there with you for every pedal stroke.

Sound a little woo-woo? It kinda is ;-) But trust us…the experience has the power to transform you.

Tiffany Martin