Ignite Cycle
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PS We love you.


We like, really like you.

Dearest Riders,

You give us butterflies, and Sundays are the best. Seeing your name pop up in our class makes our heart skip a beat. We text our friends to tell them about you. Sometimes, we even call our moms to tell them how excited we are to see you (which…is kind of embarrassing).

Truthfully, there is nothing that we do - no choice we make - that doesn’t involve thinking about you first. We want every decision to make your life better.

When we get into that room with you, we feel more filled with life. Why? It’s because of what you bring to the space. Whether you’ve gotten out of bed a little early or are heading home after a long day to be with us, you’re there - all the way there - with us. You push yourself to be a stronger, you challenge the perceptions that limit you, you’re unafraid to be vulnerable with us.

We - as Ignite Cycle - would literally not exist without you. We hope you know that we are truly, madly, deeply grateful for you. And even though we know we’re probably not in an exclusive relationship, we don’t mind. We’re just grateful you choose us when you do.

We hope you know that you make our lives so much better! We can be our truest, most authentic selves with you. You let us make mistakes, you let us learn, you let us grow. There’s no better way to love than that, is there? We hope you feel the same.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for celebrating you with us. Happiest Valentines Day!


Audra, Kendall, Sara, Tabby, and Tiffany

Tiffany Martin