Ignite Cycle
Connect. Move. Transform.


ready, set...here we go

We are full steam ahead with getting our doors ready to open for YOU! Our ultimate goal: getting your buns on a bike - but there’s SO much happening behind the scenes to get ready for that, and we really like you, so we wanna fill you in!

Until now, this has been a one-woman operation…with the advice and input of dozens of other inspiring, truth-telling, passionate, beautiful souls, of course ;-) But we are OFFICIALLY no longer a one gal band! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to our truly outstanding studio manager as well as our three exceptionally talented founding instructors.

Plans for our (gorgeous) space are getting finalized. We’re going to have plenty of showers so you can buzz straight from the studio to work or happy hour, an enormous community space for you to have a cup of coffee and hang at our events, and suffice it to say the bike room is going to be lit.

Over the past year+ of planning, I’ve learned a ton, and want to share with you two of the most salient lessons from this journey…

Forward Always

The most challenging parts of this process have been when I have let fear paralyze me. Ever been there? Those are the times I’ve thought about throwing in the towel. The longer I didn’t move, the more convinced I became that I should walk away. Instead, I’ve continued moving forward. Now that I know how crippling inaction can be, I am quicker to get in motion. The ball keeps rolling, we keep inching closer to making this real!

Choose Positivity

While we’re definitely a #goodvibesonly biz, I also like to keep it real. Sometimes the struggle is so real. Challenging situations, negative people, seemingly insurmountable road blocks…they all happen. The urge to get worked up is there - and I won’t say I’ve never given in - but training my mind to focus on the good (Phil 4:8, anyone?!) changes the game. It is true that you attract what you put out there & it is SO important to me that we have infectiously positive people as the foundation for the Ignite community - we have been so lucky to find that in our four new team members.

Up next - we’ll be announcing our membership pre-sale options & working on some popup rides. We cannot wait to ride with you!

Tiffany Martin