Ignite Cycle
Connect. Move. Transform.

#ignitebhmsummer guide

#ignitebhmsummer guide

During our Summer Series, we want you to explore the Magic City in a whole new way. In addition to the 6 Ride squares each week, there’s a CONNECT and a MOVE square. We’re making knocking those squares out even easier by giving you a week-by-week breakdown and some inspo for you to connect, move, and crush the Summer Series.

June 10-15
CONNECT Visit Pepper Place Market: The Market is open Saturdays from 7-noon rain or shine. Check out a list of vendors at the market here.
MOVE Hike at Red Mountain: There are tons of trails to explore at Red Mountain. Find more info here.

June 17-22
CONNECT Spend 30 tech-free mins outside: Ditch your phone AND your Apple Watch and head outside. Read, walk, sit…just be.
MOVE Attend a Railroad Park class: Railroad Park, in partnership with Blue Cross, offers some very fun, free classes throughout the summer. Hip hop cardio, Zumba, yoga…take your pic & move your body. Here’s the schedule.

June 24-29
CONNECT Visit a brewery: We know…this is a tough one. If you don’t already have a fave brewery in town, check out this list by Magic City Weekend. Our personal favorite is Back Forty - beer, games, and tons of outdoor hangout space.
MOVE Sunday yoga at Good People: Two breweries in one week? Sorry not sorry. Yoga is from 6-7pm on Sunday, BYOMat, is $10 & includes a beer.

July 1-6
CONNECT Watch fireworks: Fill this square from wherever you’re celebrating! If you’re hanging in BHM for the holiday, you know Thunder on the Mountain is always a good show.
MOVE Take a sunset walk: There are plenty of places to experience the magic of Golden Hour - stroll around your neighborhood, head to Jemison Park, or Vulcan Trail. You really can’t go wrong!

July 8-13
CONNECT Grill out: If you don’t have a grill, it’s time to start scouting out a friend who does! We can’t wait to see pics of all the grilled goods you make!
MOVE Run in a sprinkler: Let go of those inhibitions and act like a kid.

July 15-20
CONNECT Flicks Among the Flowers at Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Wednesday, pack a picnic & a blanket and watch Field of Dreams surrounded by the BBG beauty. The event is free but they do recommend a $5 donation.
MOVE Walk with a friend: Grab a buddy and take a jaunt someplace familiar or new. A brisk early morning walk, lunchtime brain break, or evening unwind - may we recommend leaving your phone indoors? ;-)

July 22-27
CONNECT Go to a Baron’s game: They’re playing Chattanooga this week. If you’re not into the game, there are plenty of activities all week from Movin’ Mondays to Fireworks Friday. Tickets are $15 - get yours.
MOVE Stretch for 15 minutes: You’ve been riding a TON and crushing those squares…it’s time to show your bod some extended appreciation. Give those glutes, hammies, and quads some love.

July 29-August 3
CONNECT Birmingham Art Crawl: From 5-9pm Thursday night, get to know some of BHM’s visual and performing artists at the Art Crawl. Parking in the Pizitz deck is free for 2 hours.
MOVE Hike Oak Mountain: There are tons of beautiful, shaded trails at Oak Mountain. Post-hike, dip your toes in the lake or stick around for a picnic.

August 5-10
CONNECT Get ice cream: It’s August. It’s hot. Grab a scoop or 3 of your favorite ice cream from a shop - our local fave is Big Spoon Creamery - or scoop up a tub from the grocery and grab a spoon!
MOVE Breathe deeply for 60 seconds: Tap into your inner peace by spending some time focusing on your breath. It doesn’t have to be complicated - set a timer and just do it. If you want to work on some technique, here’s a great way to get the most out of your minute. Don’t let the lack of a square to fill keep you from making this a habit ;-)

August 12-17
CONNECT Write a thank you note: Living with gratitude just makes life better - and its impact extends even further when we put it in writing. Share your appreciation for something big or small with a note. (You don’t need to post the actual content…just a shot of the card.)
MOVE Take a class at Forma: Barre, modern dance, yoga, hoop dance - pick your jam at Forma Arts + Wellness and get moving!

August 19-24
CONNECT Eat at Pepper Place: There are so many delicious restaurants within Pepper Place. Long brunch at Ovenbird? Quick croissant from The Red Cat? Whatever you choose, know it’s gonna be good!
MOVE Yoga at Pizitz: Tuesday night The Pizitz hosts a free yoga class from 5:45-6:45pm. Bring your own mat & gather your omies for an hour of balance. Reserve your spot.

August 26-31
CONNECT Have a picnic: It’s the last week of the Summer Series! Celebrate by grabbing your some goodies, buddies, and dine al fresco.
MOVE Have a dance party: The best way we know how to celebrate your accomplishments! Turn up your fave tunes and jam out. Congrats on a summer VERY well spent!