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Stuff you wanna know

We’ve got the As to your Qs right here.

where are you located?

You can find us in Pepper Place at the corner of 29th St and 3rd Ave S. We have a beautiful Bike Room, showers, changing rooms, plenty of parking, and all the amenities you could imagine. Check out the schedule & book your bike here.

what's this riding to the beat thing all about?

Our typical class is 45 minutes long, in a dark room, with loud music, and a group of your fellow sweaty party animals. For those 45 minutes, you'll ride to the beat of an expertly curated playlist, do some fun {and safe} dance moves on the bike, and you'll have one song working your arms with some lightweight dumbbells.


ok, so that sounds kind of intimidating...

Our classes are designed for you to ride to the beat the whole time, but we know that is so much easier said than done! Each time you clip into the bike, it is your ride, and YOU get to decide what feels right. It will absolutely be challenging, but we will never ask you to be perfect. We will not get in your face {except maybe occasionally to cheer you on!}, and we will never make you feel like you're not cutting it. We are here to help you connect with your highest self, and we will do everything in our power to get you there!


We've got you! We have a whole page dedicated to the ins and outs of what you need to know about your first ride. Check it out here.


We recommend you make a reservation prior to getting to the studio. You are welcome to walk-in, however a bike is not guaranteed as a walk-in rider. Our reservation window for the week opens every Monday at noon. You can book your bikes for Tuesday-Monday. When you sign up in advance, you'll choose the bike you will use during class. Many of our riders have a favorite bike or part of the room - discover yours! Book your bike here.

what if i need to cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your bike up to 12 hours before the ride starts - you’ll get the credit back in your account, so you can book another ride with us. Anything within 12 hours is considered a late cancellation, and include a $14 late cancel fee - the ride will be returned to your account. You can cancel your bike in the My Classes section of your account. If you don’t cancel your ride and don’t come, there is a $22 no show fee and the ride will be returned to your account.



Since our bikes don't have cages for you to strap in your tennis shoes, we have shoes for you to clip into the bike ready when you check in. Don't worry, using our shoes is free! If you have your own shoes, feel free to ride in them - our bikes are SPD and LOOK/Delta compatible. 

I've been before but don't remember my bike settings. Can you help? 

No problem! After your first ride, we recorded your bike settings, so you can get those from our front desk team.

Can I host an event with you?

You can host parties with us! You can book a Private Ride or a Party Zone in a regularly scheduled ride. We’ll include post-ride refreshments for your party. Learn more about bringing your celebration to Ignite.

I love riding with you and wearing your gear, but i want it all for free. Can I get that?

So funny you’d ask…actually yes! We have a referral program that gives you cash to use at Ignite on whatever you want. Get your code here. Share and earn $22 for each person you refer.

how much does a ride cost?

We have TONS of pricing options for you - you can check them all out here!

I want to work with you! What do i need to do to make that happen?

We’re hosting instructor auditions October 3rd at 7:30pm. You can learn more & sign up here.