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stuff you wanna know

We've got the As to your Qs right here!

When are you opening?

We'll be ready for you to ride the beginning of 2019! We have been hard at work making sure we can give YOU the very best experience possible - finding the perfect location, hiring and training the most talented instructors, and designing the most beautiful facilities. That said, we will be having a couple popups before we open! Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter & follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the most up to date info!

what's this riding to the beat thing all about?

Our typical class will be 45 minutes long, in a dark room, with loud music, and a group of your fellow sweaty party animals. For those 45 minutes, you'll ride to the rhythm of an expertly curated playlist, do some fun - and safe - dance moves on the bike, and you'll have one song working your arms with some lightweight dumbbells.

ok, so that sounds kind of intimidating...

Our classes are designed for you to ride to the beat the whole time, but we know that is so much easier said than done! Each time you clip into the bike, it is your ride, and YOU get to decide what feels right. It will absolutely be challenging, but we will never ask you to be perfect. We will not get in your face (except maybe occasionally to cheer you on!), and we will never make you feel like you're not cutting it. We are here to help you discover and connect with your highest self, and we will do everything in our power to get you there!

i am in! how do i get involved?

For now, join our newsletter & follow us on social media! Reach out if you have any questions...or just to tell us you're excited to ride! Very soon, we will announce The Sparks Club - a limited quantity, pre-sale membership with so many dope perks. Stay tuned!

You seem really cool! how can i work for you?

Oh, you're too kind! We'd love for you to apply to our team! We are looking for magnetic, positive humans for our front desk staff - check out our Join Our Team page to learn how to apply. Once we’ve been open a couple months, we’ll have a round of instructor auditions. If you’re interested, make sure you’re on our newsletter to have the most up to date info.